Road Fund Pledges

The Access RoadWith the renovation of the access road now scheduled to take place at the end of the Rugby season, we're working on the detail of the finances for the project.

While the majority of the £50,000 cost will be met from Club funds, we're pursuing options with different organisations who provide grants and and interest free loans.

To give us the greatest flexibility with the financing, we would like to hear from any members ready, willing and able to make a loan of £1,000 to the Club, repayable in 20 monthly installments of £50.

If you're willing to help the Club with a loan of £1,000, if we need this funding, please email roadproject@oldparkonians.org.uk.

Based in Oxton in Birkenhead on the Wirral Peninsula in the North West of the UK, the Association runs cricket and rugby clubs from its Clubhouse in Holm Lane, Oxton, based at the HM Curphey Memorial Ground.

For further information on the Cricket Club and Rugby Club, including fixtures, results and player honours, please use the links above

The Association welcomes enquiries from anyone interested in starting to play cricket or rugby, as well as from existing players of all standards and levels of experience who would like to join us. We have a thriving Junior Rugby section that covers Under 7s to Under 15s.

In either case, simply contact us for details of our teams, facilities and membership. Whether you live locally in Birkenhead or Wirral, or further afield, we'd be pleased to hear from you.

Although Rugby and Cricket are played at different times of the year, training for both sports continues through the close seasons. If you're thinking of getting involved for the first time, why not try some out of season training?