Use of the Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is available for use with a function suite / dance floor and a fully stocked bar. We also have PA and large screen television / DVD playback equipment.

Quality catering can be provided through Hall Services and entertainment, DJ / party host, room dressing and other party facilities are available through Wirral Parties - see for further information.

To make an enquiry about booking our facilities, please complete the Booking Enquiry Form.

Jubilee Cheese & Wine

The Jubilee Cheese & Wine was held at the Club on the sunny afternoon of Monday 4th June 2012. Click on any of the photographs to see the slideshow:

Members of the Bar Old Parkonians Jubilee
Jane Burton & Terry Marnick Nixons,Sue Hillan Greg Lindop

New Year's Eve 2008

The photographs from New Year's Eve at the Club are shown below - click on an image to see the full sized version.

Rugby Club 80th Anniversary

2008 saw the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Rugby Club, which was celebrated in October with a Dinner at the Kingsland in Birkenhead.

081001-80thdinner-883 ©081001-80thdinner-883
081001-80thdinner-884 ©081001-80thdinner-884
081001-80thdinner-885 ©081001-80thdinner-885
081001-80thdinner-886 ©081001-80thdinner-886
081001-80thdinner-887 ©081001-80thdinner-887
081001-80thdinner-888 ©081001-80thdinner-888
081001-80thdinner-889 ©081001-80thdinner-889
081001-80thdinner-890 ©081001-80thdinner-890
081001-80thdinner-891 ©081001-80thdinner-891
081001-80thdinner-892 ©081001-80thdinner-892
081001-80thdinner-893 ©081001-80thdinner-893
081001-80thdinner-894 ©081001-80thdinner-894
081001-80thdinner-895 ©081001-80thdinner-895
081001-80thdinner-896 ©081001-80thdinner-896
081001-80thdinner-897 ©081001-80thdinner-897
081001-80thdinner-898 ©081001-80thdinner-898
081001-80thdinner-899 ©081001-80thdinner-899
081001-80thdinner-900 ©081001-80thdinner-900
081001-80thdinner-901 ©081001-80thdinner-901
081001-80thdinner-902 ©081001-80thdinner-902
081001-80thdinner-903 ©081001-80thdinner-903
081001-80thdinner-904 ©081001-80thdinner-904
081001-80thdinner-905 ©081001-80thdinner-905
081001-80thdinner-906 ©081001-80thdinner-906
081001-80thdinner-907 ©081001-80thdinner-907
081001-80thdinner-908 ©081001-80thdinner-908
081001-80thdinner-909 ©081001-80thdinner-909
081001-80thdinner-910 ©081001-80thdinner-910
081001-80thdinner-911 ©081001-80thdinner-911
081001-80thdinner-912 ©081001-80thdinner-912