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Cricket Prize Presentation Night 2011

The 2011 Cricket Awards were presented on Friday 7th October...

111007-DSCF4202 ©111007-DSCF4202

1st XI Batting prize
Will Walker
111007-DSCF4203 ©111007-DSCF4203

1st XI Bowling prize
Chris Beckett
111007-DSCF4204 ©111007-DSCF4204

2nd XI Bowling prize
Lee Hawthorne
111007-DSCF4205 ©111007-DSCF4205

Young Player
Adam Winstanley
111007-DSCF4206 ©111007-DSCF4206

Captain's Prize
Dave Westwater
111007-DSCF4207 ©111007-DSCF4207

Chairman's Prize
Mrs. M. Hitchell
111007-DSCF4208 ©111007-DSCF4208
111007-DSCF4209 ©111007-DSCF4209

Duck Bat
Terry Marnick


Nick Hitchell's Second Century this Season

110820-nhitchell ©110820-nhitchell
Nick Hitchell getting the Chairman's Champagne for his second century of the season, scoring 102.

August 2011

110807-01 ©110807-01
110807-02 ©110807-02
110807-03 ©110807-03

From the top left...

  • 2nd XI scorer Amy Brannan and scoreboard operator Steve Roberts getting ready for the match.
  • John Orr, on his knees after scoring an excellent knock of 76 on July 31st vs. Mossley
  • Will Walker receiving the 'Chairman's Champagne' for a magnificent league innings of 147 which included 11 sixes.

Dave Westwater


Nick Hitchell's Century

110517-nhitchell ©110517-nhitchell
Nick Hitchell receives his Chairman's bottle of Champagne for scoring the first century of the 2011 season.

Chris Beckett nearly claimed another bottle yesterday but fell one wicket short with excellent figures of 6 for 14.

Dave Westwater

New Captain Adam Westwater doing his bit...

110411-01 ©110411-01
...on the NatWest Force Weekend rolling the square for 5 hours.

The heavy rolling prior to the season is carried out to compact the square, hopefully to a depth of 6 inches (all the wickets), flatten the undulations that have arisen during the winter, remove any air pockets and bring up moisture which evaporates off.

This rolling is carried out 3 ways, against the run of the wickets, diagonally and finally with the run of the wickets. Rolling during the season is only carried out with the run of the wickets.

NatWest Cricket Force is a scheme sponsored by the bank for cricket clubs to get their members to donate time, equipment, paint etc, to get ready for the new season via a volunteering weekend. 2000 clubs are registered this year. Interestingly the RFU have now started a similar scheme.

Old Parkonians CC Pre-Season 2011

From Adam Westwater...

Hello and welcome to the start of the new 2011 Cricket season at the Old Parkonians.

I am the new Club Captain and firstly I would like to thank Dave Colebourne for the hard work that he put in last season. It was a very tricky year which was affected a lot by poor availability. This had a major impact on the performance of the sides and was a major influence in the position that both sides found themselves in. Thanks Dave.

In a change of Selection Committee Chris Hitchell is the new Chairman of Selectors and Carl Brannon is the 2nd Team Captain. Hopefully we can fulfil your cricketing needs for the year.

We will be in the Cheshire Cricket Alliance this year and will be looking to get promoted with enjoyment and good cricket. Thus far, we are still awaiting information regarding the league and who we will be playing.

Nets will be starting on Monday 7th February from 8-9pm at Birkenhead Park. It is imperative that we encourage new and old members to the club. Anybody who fancies having a go can come along. As a club we need to encourage and nurture players so that they are keen to play week in week out. We have a thriving junior section which can become a force in a few years. We want those children to be playing and enjoying cricket when they enter open age. Not at a club that has two struggling sides. They are the future of the club. Let’s rally together.

There are going to be many things to look forward to this season. Easter social will be taking place so keep your diaries free for that date. Tour to either the Isle of Man or Durham around the 24th July, diaries for this to be kept clear as well and also a sixes tournament sometime in August organised by our very own Steve Fletcher. A practice game is in the process of being organised as well which will be a Captains XI vs Chairman’s XI.

Visions for the Season

  • Promotion
  • Increased numbers playing week in week out.
  • To help the junior section and support all the great work going on.
  • To fulfil all fixtures on a Sunday (the best stepping stone for juniors)
  • For Will’s head to decrease in size.

Most Importantly.......... The reason why we play!!!!!!

To enjoy the game and drink lots of San Miguel all night.