Brian "Gus" Cusick

Following his sudden and untimely passing in 2008, many people sent messages to the Club - these are listed below.

Every man's life ends in the same way.

It is only the details of how he lived that distinguish one man from another.

Ernest Hemingway

From Barry Clarke...

I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of all of Brians family to thank "EVERYBODY" at Old Parks for their warmth and sincere words over the last sureal month.

We understand totally that not everyone is the same, and people show their feelings in many different ways, but two words to me discribe you all, Thoughtful and Genuine.

Also, the crystal bowl for Sandra was a lovely gift which she can cherish for many years.

I would also like to thank the Club for arranging the charity match on Sunday 9th, and for inviting Paul, Mike, Josh, Ross, Phoebe and myself to come along and participate. We were all proud to wear the club colours in Brian's honour, and hope to see you all at some time in the future with the new shirts on.

Take care and thank you for all your kind words.

"You are all going through this too".

Regards, Barry.

From Graham Cassidy...

A true Gentleman,who tought me design tech, a man who had great spirit towards us rugby boys of class of 1988-1993 who just never seemed to win a game.

My greatest memory was of our great win were GUS took us all to Birkenhead McDonalds then back to his for sandwiches. He was so proud that day! ~ "Cas"

From Peter Gould...

My thoughts are with his family and many friends, to a very, very special person who I will miss greatly.

From Debbie and Nicky Ager...

What a true gentleman and a true friend you were Gus, thoughts are with Sandra and Family. xxx

From John Knight...

My trips home from Canada will never be the same without meeting up with Gus.

Gus was a great sportsman, a good friend, true family man, and a person I have known since Primary school days.

What a shame this has happened.

Keep your chin up, Sandra and family, we all share in your grief.

From Mike Walton...

Teacher, Friend, Diamond.

What a privilege to have known and be taught by this gentleman. Thank you, God Bless.

From Geoff Dunn...

As my daughter joined Wallasey School with some trepidation, your few words of encouragement made all the difference. So it was for many, many people.

The pain of loss is always felt in equal measure to the love. A great loss to us all.

Sincere condolences to Sandra and all members of Gus's family.

From Sheena, Tucker and Alex Sullivan...

Wonderful memories of you Brian - you were such good fun. Fondest memories of you at my 40th.

Thinking of Sandra, Melanie, Paul, Belinda, Andrea, Barry and all the children at this very sad time. xxxxxxx

From Gary Williams (Oldershaw RUFC)...

The man was more than a legend. A tough competitor and a warm, humourous and a generous character.

He made me feel special every time we met. I miss him.

From Peter Evans (Prenton / Old Rocks)...

Sorry to loose you Gus , I always enjoyed your company on and off the pitch. We got to know each other through many battles and it was a joy to play on the same side as you every now and again, although sometimes we nearly forgot we were actually on the same side !!

Rest well mate, Pete Ev

From Phil Smith...

I am honoured to be able to tell people that you were my friend and team mate. I'm going to miss you Gus.

Cheers and RIP.....Smidge

From Bob Spencer...

What a service today was. It underlined the respect and friendship that we all had for Gus.

I have fond memories of hooking between Gussie & Wesie from our early school days until I had to retire early in my playing career.

He will be sorely missed. Love to Sandra from both Dorothy & me.

From Barry Jones...

Gus has gone to play the game with all of his old mates
He's playing on Heaven's finest turf alongside the Pearly Gates
The weather's fine, the ground just right, no wind to spoil the play
No work, no worries Gus my mate, you can do this every day.
A great player a great husband, father and Grand dad
By far the finest Prop Forward that Old Parks ever had

When I first propped against Gus I was no more than a boy
The wizened old fellow taught me much and bent like a toy
Up and down I did go I had nose bleeds from going so high
As Gus taught me all the basics and launched me to the sky
A great player, a great husband, father and Grand dad
By far the finest Prop Forward that Old Parks ever had

After a time the whistle blew and I hobbled off the pitch
But it wasn't for full time just another scrum oh what a bitch
Finally the game was over, thank God, show me the bar
Guess who was waiting at the pump, to buy me that first jar
A great player, a great husband, father and Grand dad
By far the finest Prop Forward Old Parks ever had

My story is one of many, there's so many more to tell
I will miss his big broad smile and his scrumaging from hell
There's many a cocky prop forward who thought they had him beat
Only to have the stuffing knocked from their bodies as he launched them off their feet
A great player, a great husband, father and Grand dad
Without doubt the finest Prop Forward Old Parks ever had

God Bless you Gus.

From Brian Ball...

It was my privilege and pleasure to have refereed Gus on quite a few occasions. He was ever the gentleman on the pitch and wonderful company after the game.

From the Boys from Fitness 2000...

A Gentleman, A Friend, An Inspiration.

Thank you for showing us the meaning of strength and determination.

From Nigel Cliff...

What a shock you've given us all Gus!

We first met 37 yers ago at the Club and played many, many times together over most of those years. It was a privilage and an honour to have been one of your team mates. God Bless You.

From Mike and Sue Blaylock...

We remember Gus with much admiration and affection. He was an inspiration to so many young players and know that he will be sadly missed.

From Scott Lamb...

Was shocked when I heard about the loss of such a great and gentle man. I will always remember the advice and laughs. Will be deeply missed up at the Old Parkonians RUFC. RIP Gus.

From Mike Byrne...

Gus, your support and advice made that step up to senior rugby so much easier. Thank You.

You will be greatly missed by all. x

From Chris Sharkey...

The world has lost a great man, no words can describe how much you will be missed!

I can honestly say I've never met such a genuinely nice and caring man, RIP Gus. Janice x

From Barry Fogg...

I would like to thank you for all your words of wisdom and the mickey taking after the 2nd Team games while I was Captain.

You were a truly inspirational man and I will always have fond memories of you. God Bless, Foggy.

From Paul Corvers...

Brian, You have touched the lives of thousands.

You played for Old Parks for 50 years including 31 years 1st team.

1,500 first team opponents knew your ability, courage and, above all, friendship. They will remember you as "Gus".

I played rugby and had great times with you. I will remember you, always.

From The Mcglincy Family and Auntie Alice...

Gone so suddenly but you will never ever be forgotten.

From Dave Callcott...

An honour to have known, played rugby with, be mentored by and share a pint with such a great guy - a true Old Parkonian. God bless. "Colly"

From Chris McCulloch(Reg) Anselmians...

What a pleasure it was playing rugby with such a gentleman. Gus epitomized everything good in rugby.

From Gary Jones...

Gus was one of my teachers. He is someone I shall never forget. He had the respect of all the lads because he was an honest straight talking man who treated everyone the same.

My thoughts are with his family...Gary

From Dave Knight...

An honour and a privilege to have been touched by your magic, both on and off the field!

You will be missed!

From June and Pete...

Hey Bri. Great times and wonderful memories, always there with us .

From Gareth Taylor...

The trip which I always looked forward or the home fixture with Old Parks will never be the same, but only bring happy memories whether in the bar or on the field.

I remember when we turned - New Brighton 3rds fielding 7 of the boys you coached all from the same year, "that year, that it took 4 years to win a game". We were gutted to find you had a bad shoulder and were resting.

Well it clicked that day, when your boys had become men. We won that by a good score. Afterwards in the bar again the words came out "Taylor, between you and me, you lads were lucky today I was not playing".

He was right, keep smiling Gus.

From Karen Graham...

Gus. What a guy?

The most sincere, genuine person I could ever have had the honour and privilege of knowing, not only was he a great teacher during my time at school but a great friend.

God Bless You Gus xxxxx

Karen and family xxxx

From Mark Hillan...

No words can express the loss I feel! A true friend, inspiration and leader. RIP Gus....Hilly

From Mike and Beverley Hayward...

When we moved into the area we knew no-one. The Old Parkonians made an anxious time a lot easier.

Gus took the time to make sure our family was OK and for that we will always be grateful.

From Craig Whelan...

Gus once said to me at training "Why do people come here to keep fit ? Surely you go the gym to keep fit and and come here to play rugby ! " What a great man, God Bless Gus .

From Steve and Julie Barnett...

Gus was above all else a truly great friend to all at the Old Parkonians and a great family man to Sandra and the girls.

The respect and admiration he received from playing colleagues, opponents and those referees he loved to bait was testament to his personality which was larger than life.

We will miss him greatly but feel privileged to have known him, played alongside and against him and to have walked with him on a series of mountainous adventures. His memory will be kept very much alive through by the effect he has had on all our lives through his humour and take on life. See you Gus.

From David Crank...

I write on behalf of Waterloo Rugby Club and as someone who played many times against Parkonians in the 1980's to send condolences to the Cusick family and the Club at your sad loss.

I am sure Gus will be remembered with much fondness by all, which is as it should be.

From Peter Greville...

Gus, you will be sorely missed by the many friends you have at Birkenhead Park. A shadow has been cast but your memory will live for many a year.

Our sincere condolences to the family and all at the Old Parks. Gus was quite simply the rugby icon of the Wirral.

From Nick (young gus 1979-1982)...

My Uncle Gus, its what you do with the dash in the middle that counts - Brian you gave so much happiness,joy and encouragement to everyone around you, and so much love to all your family. It has been a privilege to have you as my uncle. Sleep well Gus.

From Peter Sharon Liam Ryan + Sian Evans...

Brian what a lovely kind man you were, you will always be in our thoughts.

From Robbie Atkinson...

Gus - Such a great guy, an honour to have known and played with you. Sadly missed R.I.P.

From an Anonymous Contributor...

Missed loads.

From Ged Dollard...

I moved away from Birkenhead and the Old Parks in 1981 but still visit from time to time.

My last season was when you were 3rd Team Captain, what a great season we had. I can still see you standing there, having got up from the bottom of another ruck, hands on hips, b********g me for another dropped ball or missed tackle!!.

I learned a lot from you that season, not only in rugby terms, but also your unique take on life, lessons that haven't been forgotten.

Goodnight and God bless Gus.

From Kevin & Pam...

We will always remember your kindness Bri, you were one in a million!

We will love and remember you always. Goodnight and God bless.

Kev, Pam, Sarah-Jane and Christopher xxxxxxx

From Carl (Tommy) Handley ,and Anita...

Such a huge loss,a genuine friendly character who will live long in our hearts and minds.

Deepest sympathy to Gus's family. Rest easy Gus.

From Paul Disbury...

Gus, you were an inspiration and a great friend.

You will be sorely missed, but never forgotten.

From Caryle Hillan...

Gus, u were a good man. glad 2 of known u. RIP.

From Martin Pope...

Gus was a great man with a big heart.

He touched the lives of thousands of children, colleagues and friends and will be greatly missed. The world has lost a wonderful compassionate man. He had humour, humility and joy.

I was his headteacher at Wallasey School and recall the day he retired and the most moving tributes to a teacher who everybody loved. It was a privilege to have known him.

He was a real family man and my sympathy goes to Sandra and the family at this sad time.

From Robbie Knight...

There are no words to express our loss, Life long friend, team mate and walking companion. I will treasure the memories. RWK

From Mike Cusick...

My Uncle Brian - what a person!!! All the help he gave to me, I have many special memories. He was an amazing man who judged no-on and who loved all.

He was an honour to know and I am privileged and proud to say he was my Uncle. I will never forget his sense of humour and his generous personality.

I will always love him and miss him - he was one in a Billion. Love Mike. XXXXXXX

From Biff...

Gus - A tremendous person, an inspiration to one and all.

From Alan and Marie Muir...

Gus, we will miss you very much.

From Ron & Kath...

Dear Brian, we never met but I felt I knew you when I used to phone Tina and you used to have a joke and say "nice to hear your voice".

You sounded (and I know) you were a lovely man that brought a lot of joy to your friends & family .

It is with great sadness that we never got round to meeting you as I know we would have got on. RIP.

From Claire Williams...

Such a sad loss of such an amazing man. Someone who I will never forget.

It had been a year or more since I last saw him but will always hold his memory close to my heart.

Miss you. Sleep tight Gus, Claire and Family x

From Mark Pearson (Peo)...

Gus, why so suddenly? Such a gentle-man. A friend who made us laugh.

The laughter has stopped but the memories live on. Heartfelt condolences

From Terry Baker (Prenton RUFC)...

I played rugby against Gus for nearly twenty years and in all that time I have never met a nicer prop (myself included).

People will tell you that props are the hardest, meanest players in a team but Gus proved that you can play with a smile and a kind word.

I will miss you Gus, as will every prop that had the good fortune to play with or against you.

From Steve Blyth...

Brian, you made me feel welcome all those years ago, when I was a foreigner within the Old Parks family, you did the same for my son when he came along. All I can say, it has been a pleasure to both play with and know you for all those years.

From John Duffy...

Sincere condolences to Sandra and the girls.

Brian Cusick was a great, great man.Only over time will we all realise just what we have lost. When they built him, they broke the mould.

From Ken Cooke...

We have all lost a dear friend and true Old Parkonian. How can we all feel so empty when for years he has filled our lives with so much with his humour, advice, experiences, yes, and sometimes bull!

Gus was a great friend to us all - he will be greatly missed by all who had the privilege to know him.

From Prenton Rugby Club...

Deepest sympathy to all Gus' Family and to all at Parkonians Rugby Club. A massive loss.

From Eddie Flynn...

Role-model, mentor, great friend and biggest influence on my rugby game. I will miss you so much it's not funny!

From Martin Varley...

Gus, what a great friend, we will all miss you. Rest in peace mate.

From Louise Oxley-Parnell...

Gus was a great teacher and a great friend. He was very proud of his family and they were very proud of him. He always was kind to people no matter what happened. He will be missed so much by all those whose lives he touched and it was so many.

From Steven Mason...

Gus, even as a teacher all the toe rags who didn't like School liked Gus.Not much more to say but part of the Parkonians left us when you left us. Love and respect.

From Phil Casserley (Casso)...

Will be thinking of you always Gus!

Feel it an honour to have known such a genuine person as you mate! The round will go on but it won't be the same.

Goodnight, God Bless xx

From Eric Dade...

Brian(Gus).. having played with you and against you, I feel honoured to have known you.

You will be sadly missed. Thanks mate. Please send our condolences to Sandra and the Family.

From Paul Hillan (Young Hilly)...

Gus was a very good friend to myself and my brothers, a father figure to lots of young Parkonians and true gent who shared his time with many. I will miss you Gus and I hope you're playing rugby in heaven Mr Parkonians.

R.I.P. Old Friend

From Terry Marnick...

Gus, it was a pleasure to have known you and you will always be remembered. A true gent.

From Dave Westwater...

We were at Junior and Senior school together, propped together for many years and I was his Best Man.

He was one of the very few people in the history of the club who has shaped the way that our members, visitors and opposition teams have come to enjoy their time at Holm Lane.

He will be sadly missed by all the Westwater family.

From Lorna Sheridan...

You were the greatest teacher at Wallasey School. I will never forget you helping me finish that bloody DT project. Thought it would never be finished.

I could not believe it when I first came to Old Parks and saw you there. There will be something missing every week now. You became a very dear friend to me and I will miss you so, so much.

Rest in peace Gus xxxxx

From Wally Bennett...

A formidable opponent, a great character and friend for life.

To be touched by his humour, warmth and friendship was a privilege.

Gus you will be sadly missed.

From Peter Hillan...

Gus, thanks for the good times we had together on and off the pitch.

You were a great man and and a true friend. I will miss you always.

From Barry Harding...

So sad at the news. "Gus" was my tech teacher at Wallasey School and always had time for any problems that you had - he was good on the B&Q door as well! Sadly missed - a local legend but a universally Great Man.

From Jackie Griffiths (Collegiate)...

A gentleman and a scholar, who will be sadly missed across the whole of the Merseyside rugby scene.

Not that many years ago, we played a 3rd team game at Old Park's, and asked Gus to look after our new, young prop!

Only if you don't take advantage of our new young No.9 replied Gus.

I don't remember who won, but a deal's a deal, and it was a great game played in a great spirit.

We met again on the side line at our place last year, when the referee didn't turn up, again with mutual respect we both agreed neither of us should take the whistle, as we no longer remembered all the laws. To be fair there was some debate about whether either of us actually ever did know all the laws, but we kept that to ourselves.

Proud to have known you Gus, sad that you're gone, but will never forget you, Good night and God Bless!

From Tony Burton...

Gus, although I haven't known you for as long as other people, you made me feel part of the Parkonian family. It's been a pleasure knowing you and I will miss sharing the apres rugby aussie white or 3 with you. Thank you for your time and banter. Rest In Peace.

From Ben Pearson...

A teacher by profession, a teacher in life.

Although not a relative of mine the sad news of Brian's sudden death knocked me for six, as it did so many other people.

Gus has played a major part in my life and probably didn't even realise that he had! It's fair to say that he was the most humble, honourable, loyal, committed and down to earth person that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Although devastated by his passing, at the same time I am extremely honoured to have experienced his friendship.

He was always there for me and the Parkonians players week in week out, he took so much on himself to enable us to enjoy our afternoon of Rugby. He was always so supportive and would never offer a negative word.

I will miss him on the sideline, his heckling and banter, his chants of encouragement and his 'Magic bucket and sponge'. But most of all I will miss seeing him in his beloved clubhouse and listening to his great stories and words of advice.

It always makes me smile when I tell people I play at Parkonians and they ask "How's Gus? Still playing?" He really was an amazing guy and a true gentleman.

Our condolences to Sandra and the family at this very difficult time.

Rest in Peace Gus xx

From Harry Davie...

Gus was between Jim and I at school and was ever present when I played for the Old Boys from 1957 to 1968. On return visits to the club, a warm welcome is always there but in future there will be someone missing.

From Steve Kearney...

A unique character in the history of rugby on the Wirral. Seemed he would go on forever, alas not to be. Gone but never to be forgotten by the local Rugby fraternity.

From Ray Kennedy...

Gus - a true gent both on and off the rugby field. I played against you, and packed down behind you when we played together, at Parks. Originals, in this life, are few and far between, but you were one of them.

From Pete Tickle...

Gus, Thanks for the memories. One of the greats, with time for all. The man, the player, beliefs and standards. You made a mark on all our hearts.

From John Griffiths...

On behalf of myself and all the lads at Liverpool Collegiate, please accept our sincere condolences for the sad loss of ‘Gus’.

We were only informed immediately before our game on Saturday, and both our 1st and 3rd teams playing at home, marked his tragic passing with a minutes silence.

It is 37 years since I first played for Collegiate Old Boys, and in all that time Gus has been one of the characters that epitomise rugby for me, and I know I speak for many of the older guys at Collegiate who played against Gus, especially those from the ‘dark’ side in that scary place know as the front row!

Hard and fair on the field, and a thorough gentleman off it, what more can we say!

Please relay our sentiments to his family and all of his friends.

lf you would be so kind to inform me of the arrangements, Collegiate would be privileged to attend Gus’s funeral to mark our last respects to a Great Rugby Guy!

From Haydn Owen...

What a man............will miss you Gus!

From Steve (Matt) Lowndes...

Most people walk in and out of your life, but only Friends leave footprints in your Heart. You left your big muddy boots in ours Gus and I thank God you did. Goodbye old Friend x

From Mark Barham...

You will be sadly missed, you were such a good friend. Mark Barham and Family

From Faye Roberts...

Will miss you so much. You never ever forgot anyone's name or face. I will always remember your happy smiling face when ever I saw you. My condolences to your wife and family. You were a true friend and teacher and I am honoured to have known you and I will never forget you. x x x x

From Richie Beckett...

You were my friend and mentor for nearly 40 years and I always tried to follow your advice and guidance. I will miss you always but especially on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Gus you were quite simply the best tight head prop forward the Wirral has ever seen!

From Tracy Waft...

Gus you were a true gentleman. And a fantastic teacher - I am going to truly miss you. Love and prayers go to your lovely wife and family forever in my thoughts. R.I.P Gus xxx

From Chris Chandler...

So long Gus its been a pleasure playing against you, drinking with you and knowing you as a good friend. Sleep well mate - give them hell up there Gus. Hope they got a gym!

From Tony Berkson...

A truly inspirational man. A person I am pleased to be able to call my friend. Thank you Gus.

From Graeme Kenna...

As a long standing opponent and rugby friend of Gus' from Oldershaw can I pass on my - and my clubmates- condolences to his family and clubmates? (Gus would reckon that's the only successful pass I've made in 30 years playing).

We are all diminished by his loss.

It's some consolation that he died doing exactly what he'd wanted to do in the colours of his beloved club; cut him and he bled Old Parks. He kept himself much fitter than his chronological age and didn't have to face decades of decaying health and faculties.

On the pitch he was tough as teak yet generous and protective to - particularly younger - team mates and opponents alike. He had the old fashioned view that he'd far rather lose a tough old battle than massacre unworthy opponents.
In the bar he was grumpy great fun.

To quote Oldershaw legend Albert Williams who preceded him a couple of years ago to the great dressing room in the sky "Gus? Now THERE'S a man...there's a MAN"

PS Am I right in thinking that Gus was one of the very oldest players - if not THE oldest - to score a league try?